loft style apartment studio

Two room apartment turned into a loft style

Having had the opportunity to propose simplistic design with "industrial" past has now become one of the most famous. Iver to rationalism, stylistic potential, with the possibility of home according to the mood, followed by the possibility of correction ranked Style loft to competitive areas. For example, a certain organization of two-level studio apartments can in detail familiarize with the options in life response, confidentiality conditional zonement. The project was created on the basis of an eclectic mix of functionality, sometimes strict, and it may seem uninteresting. But everything in order.

The lack of inner walls in the perimeter of duplexIt is beneficial to the house. Sufficient indications on a color scheme, furniture placement segment to delimit the boundaries of each area and reach specialized consistency. Unlike the usual patterns, in an open studio is allowed to only hide behind the doors of the bathroom and toilet room. And if you organize an open demonstration of life, get ready every day to put the sofa or bed carefully thinking of sleep.

Interiör presented some simplicity points with the introduction of relevant topics. In the compromise, the toughest surface of the table is enclosed in an aluminum frame and lies on the fluffy carpet; iron pipe lamps, wooden armrests own structure heterogeneity imagine a fascinating composition.

Such an arrangement is consistent with the trend style, based on this unexpected combination of constantly welcome. And if the resting place framed carefully, it is appropriate to balance experience by introducing avant-garde of the subject or, as in this case, the dazzling catchy duet of the chairs. With similar pillows in the circumference managed to "breathe" life

Attributes correspond to the extent of space and perception of the small lounge planed amorphous lines clear of objects and their structure. The design of reprimand places a big stroke. This is – a big imitation horn on a sofa bed. It is duplicated in the mirror with the bulk dark frame, on the contrary, it creates a visual symmetry. The convoluted lamp on the wall cabinet with a story and a single image of the silhouette of tonal consistency marking color in monotonous.

Black monochrome walls and stairs equalize the presence of a white wall, from the bottom shown white shelves with few transparent accessories. High adjustable light dark color emphasizes effective light background and helps ergonomic backlight for lovers of evening reading. Textiles, thick carpets throughout the apartment, lots of pillows virtually deprived volumetric space Polyphony. And yet, about disturbing echo, came to the aid of the soundbar. Cork flooring in carpet companies posodeystvuyut monotonous vibration.

Isolated possible through niche, alcove, mobile partitions, blinds. In the case of sliding panels and decorative solving in the overcoming problem – colorful screens are seen as a canvas painting. The project has curly static panel behind the sofa has a breakthrough. Enclosed area with animal pictures and Spartan bed on the wall is outside. Judging by the small size of the table, soft toys, there lives a child.

If not for white fluffy mat in bedside, nice curtains and colorful pillows in the band, the space on the background of retro design metal agency and office's secure designs would look depressing. Built-in shelves niche organic continued the wall, and instead of a desired functionality. catchy roots books color saturation complemented positive dark space and softened restraint situation.

Living "flows" in the bright kitchen, fenced the bar high with a couple of bar stools. In addition to the milk white dominant left-hand connection with the design of the living room walls. Dull bluish blue wall repeats the dominant color of the first level. The functional segment is actually not different from the contemporary decorated in minimalist tradition. Rude hemisphere, mounted in parallel to a synchronous priority in charge of lighting. Surfaces of modular kitchens are virtually deserted. In fact, the interior is not completely against the open windows with gadgets, cans of spices, fruit plate, other things and beautiful bottles zarifmovyvayuschihsya harmoniously with the perimeter.

In that part of the dining room is much happier and everything Due to the fact that black and white duo is accompanied by red, and a dynamic contrast design presented for your opinion in style. The presence of black accessories on a background of a beautiful wall to brighten up the introduction of gently turquoise. Matching invoices and forms, successful variants of combinations of shades in the decoration of furniture convince expressed furnishings.

Up the stairs, you are located directly on the office-like line line roof. Powerful beams, the usual way to organize the workplace left "aftertaste" industrial. An example of this – iron safe, same set of tables and shelves. Net body under the chair to become a set of tunes and with a beautiful wooden table and a cabinet in a modern fulfillment. Because there is a ceiling, this equipment – a simple answer. Joyful pictures, pictures and beautiful little trees in different shades of green steel decorative chips and partly integrating design. Close wardrobes solve the problem of storage.