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Lille Aroya – a country house on the Norwegian coast.
On a wild and unspoiled coast Norway could find a country house that seemed to get stuck among the stone blocks. Tinted windows and dark wood make the building perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Architectural Lund Hagem office project.
Lund Hagem Architectural Bureau designed and It has completed the construction of a house in the small Arøya countryside. Residence is located between the cliffs on the Norwegian coast of Larvik. The customers became a married couple (interior designer and artist). Like all creative people, they wanted something outside the box for your holiday. Architect on his own realized this wish and arranged houses on stilts, just five meters from the water.

Country house, accessible only by boat.
Although the southwest part of the house is open to strong winds, on the other hand, it offers spectacular views of the coast. To get to the house from the beach only by boat.

Lille Aroya – a country house on the Norwegian coast.
It was used as a base building used wood, concrete and steel constructions. This combination of material with the dominance of dark shades makes home fit perfectly into a minimalist landscape. Another similar original project from Lund BureauHagem, is the southeast coast of the country in Sandefjord. The house seems to be a natural extension of the shelf and a staircase can be used as a viewing platform.

Small Aroya – house, made in dark colors.

Little Aroya. Interior.
Unnecessary housing area of ​​75 square meters built with the letter "d", so a part of the bedroom and bathroom, and perpendicular – living room with dining area and kitchen.