luxury among mountain slopes wooden house rustic style

Mountain Masterpiece Luxury Cabin. u201c

Pointe – a manor house in rustic style.
In the middle of mountain slopes in Montana (USA) He is a beautiful manor house, designed in a rustic style. About chopped stone, thick logs, smallest decor – everything fits perfectly into a house in a picturesque surrounding landscape.

Architectural Office of the LOHSS project.
Architect firm has designed and LOHSSDet has completed the construction of a house in the countryside Pointe, located in the middle of a mountain landscape near the Big Sky ski slopes (Montana, USA). This home combines modern luxury with classic features of mountain cottages.

Pointe. The interior is rustic.

By joining luxury with elements of classic wooden houses.
Working on creating this home, the architects do not use concrete and polished surfaces that surround the inhabitants of a urban environment. Wood and stone – is the foundation of the mansion The Pointe. Raw logs used in the construction industry have become an integral part of the interior. In this rustic style is something wild, medieval, yet cozy. Such a design of the house could not be better approached to wooded slopes in the surrounding terrain.

Pointe. Bedroom.

Pointe. Children.

Pointe. Bedroom.
Another great example of a combination of tradition and modernity – a house located on the slope of the Serbian Divcibare resort. Its main "highlight" was the facade, made on the contrast of colors and materials. The dark part of the house is in harmony with pines and the bright fa├žade serves as a reference to the rocky terrain.