magic felt 17 ideas that appeal people possessed homey feel

6 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy After Christmas

Excellent idea to use felt inside.
Felt – very interesting things. It is made of felted wool and has a very tight structure. Such materials can easily be used in the design of the house. He Suitable for almost any home and especially appeal to those who are obsessed with creating maximum comfort.

Decorates the walls with felt.
Wallpapers have become outdated. They were replaced by new and more interesting art wall construction. For example, a wall of geometric print of colored felt – looks like a work of modern art.

Pallet with soft seat made of felt.
Stylish stool with a seat of towed balls handmade.

Cradle of leather and felt.
From the first days of life the child, every parent strives to give him comfort. With this task perfectly clear charming cradle made of felt and leather.

The cat's bench made of felt.
Everyone knows that cats love warmth and comfort. Four-legged pets will be pleased with the closed cozy sofas warm blanket.

Carpet blanket.
Workplace will be much more comfortable if there was a rug of soft felt.

Design lamps made of felt.
Original fixtures of blanket will be a unique decoration of all rooms.

Coffee table made of felt.
The original table made of cardboard, pasted with felt, from Lee-Rong Liao designer.

Panels made of felt.
Superb handmade panels with a simple pattern of felt will be exquisite furnishings.

Light blanket of blanket.
Colorful hand knotted carpet made of colored felt balls.

Mobile phone blanket on a cot.
Bright mobility with gay figures – it's not just child corner decoration, but also a subject for the development of children's skills. Making a toy can be itself from pieces of colored felt.

Organizer of blanket.
Newspapers, magazines, bills and letters will conveniently be stored in an extraordinary organizer of thick blanket.

Decorative pillows felt.
Felt pillows in pastel colors will be a wonderful decoration of sofas.

Vase made of felt.
The dense lid of the blanket transforms creative capacity into a vase.

Continues the theme a bit extreme. For example, a house built for the real hippies of piles of rubbish in Brazil.

Baskets made of felt.
Spacious basket made of felt suitable for storing chambers, accessories and other small items.