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Set behind an iron gate, this mason built stone and stucco exterior is a timeless residence with an impeccable presentation of classic Mediterranean

The magic of Mediterranean style in the interior of a modern bedroom

From classical to modern, from modernist to rustic – everything is in Mediterranean style, and it is suitable for all corners of your own design. He is not only appealing to the eye, but easy to work with in terms of color, texture, it is easily combined with other styles.

Some try to take in a new design romance, others try to recreate the atmosphere of a beach house, with sparkling white sand and sun-drenched terraces, as in the Mediterranean resort. But all the elements of a modern Mediterranean style that combine Spanish, Italian, Greek, French and North African motives. Although it is usually associated with country houses and open terraces overlooking the coast, it does not mean that there will not be harmonious appearance in the bedroom.

Before you begin dreaming in the Bedroom Mediterranean style, it is understood that it is a mixture of different elements. You can choose a beautiful, colorful and classic Spanish style, or choose Greek style in blue and white. You can also add parts of Italian style with elements of Moroccans and build a dream house. Be sure to make the right choice before you begin to implement its plan.

Sedizemnomorsky style with Spanish and Moroccan motifs

It is believed that the basis for Mediterranean style is a white background, and many luxury villas on the coast began this confirmation. But this is not true. You can use orange or clear blue within the framework of Spanish and Moorish styles. But since most prefer calm and neutral tones, which are easier and more used to working, then white is also quite acceptable.

Luxury Mediterranean-style bedroom

Bedroom interior in warm tones

Nothing is closer to the Mediterranean style as a wall covered with plaster, soft and warm at touch, perfect for bedrooms. Textured walls and furnishings play an important role in the organization of space in the bedroom Mediterranean style. They are easily combined with smooth, delicate surfaces, luxurious and massive interior. Wooden accessories in a rustic style, forged products, wall lights, expensive woolen mats, silk covers and curtains – all this makes the interior unique.

Bright colors and interesting patterns revive the interior

Bedroom Mediterranean Style

Carpet for Mediterranean style