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I like the shape of the stones and
I like the shape of the stones and that the path isn't too straight. Would love to create gardens like this on my property.

Amazing examples of construction herds.
It's not far outside the holiday season, so owner-owned town houses are time to think about how they will see in that part of the new season. One can say that the characteristic of each side is hikes. If not, of course, for its design strategy with creativity.

Modern walkway of stone.
Elegant modern look of asymmetrical tiles and stones.

Stone road with grass pattern.
Fantastic garden walk with a beautiful pattern, which can be planted with grass or moss in the interstices between the stones.

The road of brick and river gravel.
The original garden corridor, which can be made of brick and river gravel.

The location of boards and lawn.
Rasteplads can be elegantly arranged, laying the flat squares of wide boards and lawn.

Concrete track.
Classic concrete road.

Traces of wood Play.

Organic garden road roundwood Spili different sizes.

The road of the deck and rough stones.
The original road of old tires and a rough stone, which can be done cheaply.

The road with pebbles and metal plates.
Impressive multicolored stones and large metal right round discs.

Traces with a mosaic of pebbles.

Soda road a decorated stone, which looks like a work of art.

The road is concrete circuits.
Steppingstones – most unusual and popular type of trails in the XXI century. This track can be made of perfectly flat concrete circles of different sizes.

Stentrappor and a bridge.
Stonework, decorative bridge, improvised river gravel or real dust – will be unique decor of any suburban area.

The path to compost.
The garden hall of pure white compost.

Bright garden corridor of shiny slabs on light gravel.

The road for the shiny plates and gravel.

Elegant tracks, which can be constructed using a special "filler" shape.