making loft a rough industrial style

rough and raw yet still feels warm and
rough and raw yet still feels warm and inviting

The classic version of the interior in the style of the loft apartment – The parts of an abandoned industrial room, warehouse or loft (ceiling in English translation means ".Vinds"). In classical style ceiling necessarily have to putty brick walls or ceilings, roof beams, large windows, pipes, wire hangings, various data on industrial machines, etc. It is typical for this area no partitions, accessories phenomenal.

We offer a look at all the stylistic highlight stiletto examples of an apartment. is not necessary because the walls, which form separate spaces in the interior. The most suitable layout of the apartment for loft-style decoration – is the studio.

Spacious apartments in separate areas are possible to separate partial partitions. They can be filled with all kinds of materials. Very impressive look and style of the glass in combination with patinated walls framed with wooden beams:

Very impressive looking wooden lattice, similar to vintage gaps in an old house:

In addition to zone division partitions can be performed using a different color or textured design. Thus, in the living room used bricks for walls:

A corner for intellectual employment is decorated in yellow:

Mini cabinet painted in dark turquoise with the effects of peeling plaster:

In one of the bedrooms on the walls can be glued sack or other rough textile production. This gives a certain soreness quite hard style:

In the next bedroom, which does not require compromises, walls and floors match coating that mimics metal mesh:

The only fixed wall of the apartment can act as a difference from the residential bathroom area. Originally, the sliding door of the rough planks looks rough:

The bathroom is also divided into mini area original ways. WC and urinoar separated by a hedge, which are intertwined strains.

Very unusual place, arranged accomodation. The model itself has a square configuration, made of wood. Instead, it is possible mixer and flexible shower hose to use a stationary device in the ceiling. But such a method of recruitment is assumed and shower water is not really appropriate.

As already described, a typical feature of the wall surface is gross plaster