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CERAMIC: Ceramic is another popular flooring material for bathrooms.

Sun bathrooms in each house are subject to the impact of an aggressive environment, there is almost always high humidity and temperature changes. All of this greatly affects interior design, so the floor for the bathroom requires you to choose a practical and high quality.

Floor tiles are the most used Flooring in the bathroom. Its main difference from the tiles of the wall is that it is more robust, the working surface relief. Because of this, you can not slip on wet and slippery surfaces.

An excellent material for the floor in the bathroom of natural stone. He has a good life, easy to clean, durable and waterproof. Of course, it is initially desirable to provide a heated floor under such material to be comfortable to walk on it. On the downside, you can add the risk of injury, he slipped on a wet stone surface. You can also try to lay structured flooring to avoid later problems.

Vinyl is very easy to clean and is not afraid of wet environments. A vinyl sheet can be covered when the entire floor of the room, or collecting a mosaic of individual tiles. Any of the tiles in vinyl flooring in the bathroom in case of damage, you can always change.

Floor laminate durable, durable and practical. Today's specialized store has entire groups of waterproof materials for the floor in the bathroom, which looks decent and practical in areas with high humidity.