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Greek key motif is a classic architectural ornament

Greek Key Motif in Home Decor

Meander: Greek motifs in a modern interior
Meander – a symbol for Greece. If you look closely, you can see signs of infinity, a symbol of friendship, love, the four seasons or just the waves. Thanks to its originality, many designers use patterns in the interior. Here are a few examples, significantly expanding the conventional idea of ​​it and the methods of its application.

Greek motives in the interior

Curtains in the dining room from Mitchell Designs LLC

In the movie "My big fat Greek wedding", the chief family, Gus Portokalos, always said that each word has Greek roots in the world. He likes all the Greek Gus tried to say that for some Greek band – it's just a pattern, and for others it is of great importance. There are many different variants of meander. This winding endless row has its name from Meander River (Turkey). In ancient times, this ornament greeks decorated their temples and utensils.

If any pattern can be overseas, it's just meander. It looks good to trim all edges, whether it's a boundary or casting.

Curtains with Greek motifs

The material should be dense

canopy over the bed and bed with Greek motifs

For example, instead of open bare feet, use a decorative edge. Drapered roofing edge is decorated with meander perfectly combined with curtains, lace is decorated with the same ornament.

Curtains from Erway Drapery Design

Border to wrap in the toilet

Meander can be used in decoration in the form of avornamentovannoy tiles. Most often, this spread around the perimeter of the border tiles a certain amount of space on the floor. It looks like it's matte.

The interior of the bathroom from Matiz Architecture & Design

The size and shape of the ornament are regulated by many factors. Best of all, should be proportionate and organic. The most common pattern is applied at an angle of 900 or 450.

Fans wings that do not want to be boundary limits decor can decorate ornament and large areas. Stunning wall decorated with wallpapers by Jonathan Adler Greek Key, is not only the highlight of design, but also plays the role of head of the bed.

Bedroom Decor By Hart Associates Architects, Inc.

Patterns do not happen much

Meander – this is the pattern that is fun and original looks in all sizes from small to giant. The large living room on the floor is a carpet decorated with a large winding, but despite the size, the pattern is proportional to the carpet. Meander is very convenient because it allows designers to dream and create, creating the necessary shapes: big or small. This figure will never get lost among an abundance of furniture.

The interior living room by Douglas C. Wright Architects

Reduced Ornament Scale Coatings Bedding and pillowcases on pillows due to thin lines look clear, but not too intrusive.

Frequent repetition of the Greek ornament is fragmented by nature – square with square patterns should be close to each other. But it can be modified square wave and is asymmetrical. For example, the carpet in the living room of the pictures. Classical ornament looks stylish in the interior of the 50s and 60s of the last century.

Interior of Jamie Herzlinger

In Greek ornaments, it turns out, more than two dimensions. Look at metal structure, which plays the role of table legs, which is based on meander.

The interior of the dining room Gacek Design Group, Inc.

Dressing chairs with Greek motifs

If you choose Dress Up Dress with Grey ornament, you must follow the proportions between the size of the pattern and the size of the case itself. See how it looks perfect in the interior of this room is a square wave. Greek motives waved on the formation of such a wonderful style as the Mediterranean. Not surprisingly, in the interior of modern space, it looks magical.