met snelle en inexpensive manier decoreren interieur

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Interior vinyl stickers
To make the interior an exclusive and unfriendly does not always have to spend big sums of money. It's a great way to transform the space cheaply. Decorative stickers can give the interior of character, karisma and make it feature of humor.

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Decorative stickers – is a beautiful interior vinyl film with the adhesive layer. It can be done in any color and in the most varied design. One of the benefits can be considered universal, you can stick labels on a smooth surface – walls, furniture, household appliances, glass, mirrors. Most often, vinyl stickers adorn the walls, if they are before wallpaper, such decor is best to glue the non-woven wallpaper non-embossed or rough.

Decorative stickers in the bedroom
Interesting decorative stickers are suitable for all rooms. Often used in children, by the way, it is interesting to paste them together with the children. Manufacturers suggest that it is possible to do this since 8 years. No redundant decorative stickers will be in the bathroom. Here, dilute the monotonin in the same color. In the bedroom with stickers can be distinguished accent wall or to make an improvised bedside. In the living room is an interesting figure will mark a relaxation department and attentive visitors.

Nice decor

Game of contrasts

Wall decorations in the bathroom

improvised bedside

The inscription of decorative stickers in the nursery

Vinyl stickers in the living room
For interior decoration and can be treated with a proportional Sometimes you want to fool around and dilute the tight interior of humorous twist. In this case, comes with the help of decorative stickers. For example, for the make-up area more spectacular and fun to make a sticker with a picture of a girl, instead of the usual mirror. No less creative looking blinking portraits of Marilyn Monroe are created using vinyl stickers. It remains to put him a chair with red velvet attire and twist the entire art composition.

Sometimes even after the renovation of the inner remnants feeling of discontent. Similar walls in a new, beautiful parquet floor and furniture remained the same. This is not a cause of the disease, and the field for experimentation. For furniture vinyl stickers are also suitable. They were easy to care enough to wipe with a damp cloth. And when you remove the labels from the surface, they do not leave traces, which is also important. So you can experiment not only with furniture, and with a refrigerator or a washing machine.

In the process of applying labels to the walls or furniture, no big deal. The most important thing, do everything correctly and consistently. First, you have to prepare the wall or the surface. It should be even and non-fat. A simple pencil marking should be made, which will be a picture. Then you have to place a sticker on a flat surface and remove some of the protective film. Hang on the wall do not need to hurry, a good evening surface glued sticker and make sure it is not formed by air bubbles.


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Decorative stickers – not the only way to save money on repairs. We recently reviewed the Spanish interior apartment where the budget is very efficient and has issued the wall.