mind blowing 3d floors in interior masterpieces underfoot

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Stunning 3D flooring in the interior: masterpiece field
Regardless of the floor today or in the room – wood, tile, laminate, parquet – none of them are even close to the amazing 3D floor. This is not just six, it's a real work of art, a masterpiece, but not on the wall, and under his feet. A miracle of Dubai offers a design company Imperial Interiors.

Six with 3D effect in the bathroom

Marina life under your feet

Tropical fish in the toilet

Six with coral fish

Six with starfish

Six with coral reefs

The floor consists of a plurality of transparent layers to achieve a 3D effect. As a result, plants, animals, fish, coral and even waves look incredibly realistic, as underneath the feet a real water.

One of the most amazing places to establish a similar floor – a bath. Basically, of course, thanks to the special oceanic theme, scenes from life of marine animals. Every liked image is printed on a special printer, and then adjusted for the size of the floor. The area in the room does not matter. The effect is amazing, and in the small and large bathroom.

Kitchen with tropical fish

Sex with carp

The rich marine life underneath the feet

mountain river

The bridge over the ravine

3D sex at a cafe