mini garden with your own hands just

: Edible Fairy Garden Kit with an Enchanting
: Edible Fairy Garden Kit with an Enchanting Fairytale. Create a Nutritious Mini Veggie Prairie Just Like Blossom Does on her Fantastic Journey

For half an hour, you can not succeed so much, the way this time would be enough to build your little masterpiece – a miniature garden. Living plants, surrounded by a harmonious environment, soil energy presence and the fire will charge you extra strength in times of fatigue and to provide comfort while moments of anxiety. Small garden with its own hands, not only will delight you to decorate the inside, but also to cause admire guest reviews.

To create a garden in miniature, you will need the following tools and materials:

Create a mini garden with their own hands starting medinstallation trees in a jar slightly shifted from the center. Next, randomly broken down, prewashed and dried pebble pebbles around the bottom of the bowl. Continues its place until filling the meals at least to the middle of the height.

Then add art "traces" of dark rocks. Several stones larger dimensions, distribute to fit, in groups of 2-3, no more than three pairs.

The first light is placed inside the lamp, tree lamp, place in favorite places. As a complement, you can add some incense, they will be good to live among the rocks, and not just to decorate your garden in miniature, but also to fill the room with nice aromas of incense.

Congratulations! Your personal miniature garden is created and ready to give you joy and warmth.