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Jean Nouvel renovates 17th century palazzo for Rooms of Rome guest suites

Minimalism in Italian
The apartment is located in a historic part of Rome – the space room does not expect to see ultramodern minimalist design with a touch of high FEC. But it failed to make a single Italian designer. He could spread functional areas on the walls and free area as much as possible.

Italian minimalism best manifestation
This apartment is in a house built in the early 20th century. Given this factor designer Luca Peralta (Luca Peralta) tried to harmoniously fit the modern style in the atmosphere of this building. Until repairs here there were several small rooms connected with a corridor uncomfortable. Therefore, Luke decided to remove the wall as much as possible and to make a large room without the traditional division into zones. And as the main focus of the architect chose minimalism, but with an Italian break.

nice colors
First of all, Luke wanted to get away from the cool and unobtrusive colors. So he ended up on the warm shades of gray, light wood floor finishes and furniture clean and very elegant shapes. The role of color accents ended the book, which is perfectly embodied in wall construction in avant-garde style. Of course not without its white color, which, like all other architects, likes to work and Luca Peralta (Luca Peralta).

The apartment before renovation

Before repair here was quite uncomfortable layout

Before repair the floor is traditional for Italian terracotta

cozy minimalism

The kitchen in this interior is almost unnoticed. She looks a little amazing, as if from a movie about the future. The unusual location of cabinets that work to create visual illusions and perspectives. Backlighting makes this part of the decor very elegant and weightless. Near the kitchen there is a dining room, where there is quite a large desk. As you know, Italian loves to collect noisy companies at the same table. Therefore, its presence has been one of the most important conditions for the owners of the apartment.

An important role in the perception of the interior lighting plays. Here it is left by chance: in the kitchen, and the libraries installed hidden lighting in the dining room hung concisely lamps of adjustable length, smashed in the bathroom lighting shower and sink. At the same time, fill the day in the room with natural light and make the atmosphere in a warm apartment.