modern duplex apartment loft style an old building

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Contemporary duplex loft style in an old building
In central London, traffic and crowds, some of the thousands of passers-by-minded houses. Walking along the beach in the central part of the city, for 'Adelphi' Gatti House is a theater, former building in the restaurant and is now five storey house with its own farm. In it is a nice apartment, which is interesting because its area was expanded in a unique way.

living room

Stairs to the second floor

It is unique to explaining architect Lucy Barlow of Barlow & Barlow, as all the reconstruction of the house is done in order not to disturb its historical value. All material and design are chosen wisely so that it is fully in line with the 19th century, that is, every industrial style used. Location: Strenl Street in central LondonSize: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroomsArchitect: Lucy Barlow of Barlow & Barlow DesignDate of Reconstruction: Jan 2015

When the task was placed before Lucy Barlow reconstructed the old building, it has focused on the details and starts with the one used in the decoration of oaks. Lucy says that wood is always in fashion, and I, used for reconstruction, looks like it was taken with an old farm. He went perfectly for walls and floors.

Stairs to the second floor

In the living room on the second floor

The kitchen in the industrial style

Compact kitchen does not violate the general concept and also implemented in an industrial style. Polished steel parts and shiny concrete surface are connected to the kitchen desktop tools. Ideal combination of shiny white tiles in a brick and refrigerator shiny black paint, with wooden shelves do not spoil and make the picture complete. Highchairs are made of copper in an unusual way to give space acquired the desired shape, their curved along the perforation. According to Barlow, they are very interesting and unusual, and more surprisingly, very comfortable.

guest toilet

Bedroom in eclectic style

In order not to complicate their task and not wasting extra money for plaster and polishing the walls of the bedroom, Barlow used special wallpaper with the effect of polished plaster surface. These wallpapers are available in different color schemes, so you can easily choose the right color and texture.

The original wardrobe

All the details of the furnishings and furnishings have been carefully considered. The doors are made to order high cabinets, made of the same oak as a make-up table in each bathroom, and brass covered wallpaper.

In the bathroom you can see the custom made table counter with integrated sink. Cool concrete gray warm balanced oak cupboard, first aid kit and brown marble slabs on the floor. Tile looks luxurious and perfect in combination with other materials, serves as a link in the interior.

The bathroom in eclectic style

Two types of soul are in the shower, and the concrete concrete bench and the glass screen and the door is made to order. Balcony in the apartment there from the beginning. It overlooks the courtyard. To create a pleasant atmosphere, Barlow used live plants that adorn it.

Shower in the bathroom

The guest bath on the floor tiles is usedCarrara marble, it is made of a bath and a sink in a small make-up table, the role of concrete concrete. For the interior of the bathroom Barlow used a gray scale, a mosaic on the floor and tiles that mimic a brick wall, with a cracked glaze on the walls.

Overall picture of guest bedroom and a neutral soft. The bedroom can be insulated oak floor heating and a minimum of furniture. By the way, underfloor heating systems are used throughout the apartment, so it was more comfortable and attractive. Certainly, it is a misleading to use the style of the original design of the wind for its candidate, such as a spacious apartment from Kiev studio MARTINarchitects.