modern mini house wheels

Modern Tiny House on Wheels with Two Lofts

The Toybox Home – the so-called mini-house rear wheel was invented by American designers. Compact, light, surprisingly appealing and unusual. Its main function is that at any time you can move their homes wherever you want – just to drive the car.

"Living room", if I can use this thermally almost toy house – only 13.7 sqm. m. but that's all it's supposed to be in this house. Dimensions Structures -. 6.1m long, 2.24m wide and 3.35m high

The house is well insulated, the heating system is used to "warm floors" provided by natural ventilation. And in winter, and in summer it is cozy and comfortable.

Almost the "toy" size house has everything that is necessary to have a real home: there is a living room, kitchen, bedroom, shower, toilet and even a work room!

Providing this functionality, individual furniture had to take on several tasks. For example, a corner sofa in the living room consists of separate parts of the cubic shape. They can be used as seat dysches. In addition, each flare inside the storage space hides the details of the farm. One night osman pulled together fulfill the role of a guest bed.

The kitchen in the mini-home on wheels is small, but comfortable enough to have enough space. In addition to the indispensable sink and the stove, without which it is difficult today to imagine the process of cooking the hostess at the disposal of a kettle, toaster and other appliances. Wall cabinet is not here – the storage system is placed under the work surface, it conceals and compact refrigerator.

The designers wisely used all available acentimeters of the available space, for example, showed a small window sill on the top of the wall to the original shelf – it is stored in containers of plastic cereals, sugar, salt, pasta. In addition, the kitchen has a pantry – it is hidden behind a wall.

On the other hand, the work area – big window, and under the folding table. Around him can put footstools, and on the table lay a big table – it shows the dining group, if appropriate, will accommodate four people.