modular cabin with an area 37 square meters which live year round

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Ark House of Russian Architects.
In the western world, quite popular modular housing. They are comfortable, practical and affordable, but living in most of them is only possible in the summer. Russian architects have solved this problem and as a house project area of ​​only 37.2 sqm. meter, where you can live all year round.

Architectural projects of the Arch-agency-3 project.
Architects Yuzbashev Vladimir and NataliaBrailovskaya Bureau of Arch-Project-3 developed a modular home project House-Ark. Construction space of 37 square meters. meter. Despite such a modest size, inside the house all well designed and is suitable for a comfortable stay.

Production House of the Ark is made at the factory.
An important advantage is Ark Houseatt It is possible to live all year long, not just in the summer, as is often the case in Europe. Architects have used environmentally friendly materials: natural pine and basalt wool (for heat). wool thickness of 150 mm on the walls and 200 mm – a floor covering. In addition, the developers have taken care of steam and moisture protection. The Triple-Window window has a width of 45 mm, while the usual windows are available with a width of 30-40 mm.

Install a modular home.
Smooth surprising production time House Ark. The completed building will be ready for 3-4 weeks after the order. The modules come to a place already with integrated fixtures and finished trim. The house is located on a screwed pile and is connected to all necessary communications.

Until the frame does not crack, the discs are attached to each other at different angles.
Architects say they are also dealing with the problem of cracks in wooden frames, using a system for fixing planks to each other at different angles.

House-Ark. Interior.
Currently, the Bureau Arch-Project-3 offers potential customers four types of modular homes of different sizes, from 37 square meters of space. 75.3 meters and ends square. meter. The price varies from 1.35 million. Rubel and up to 2.7 million. Rubel, respectively. Two of these houses have already bought and are located in Moscow and Vladimir regions.

Modular home area 75.3 sqm. meter.
Another unusual project is intended for the hard winter presented 29-year-old house canadian.On made of containers, so you can go through a 42 degree frost.