not for curious house which tenants can not look each other in window

How to Evict a Tenant: The Definitive Step-by-Step
By Brandon Turner updated May 30, 2018 Landlording and Rental Properties

The house where the tenants can not see each other in the window
In one of the suburbs of the state of Oregon, Oregon was the original residential home that combines eight apartments. In the development of this project in the heart of the architects put the conservation of the integrity of the owners, so nicely thanks to tenants can not look into each other's windows.

Waecher Architectural Architecture.
Waecher Arshitecture Solid Architects has completed the work of building a residential building called Sawtooth. The living area consists of 8 apartments of 70 square meters.

Saw tooth – a house with a saw roof.
All apartments are decorated in the same style: dark facade and shed roofs that look like saw teeth (hence the name of the project – "sawtooth"). Saw tooth made a two-level, so that all residents can have the opportunity to admire the view of the river. Enhanced was made possible by the addition of parking spaces in the apartments in the background. In addition, sloping ceilings so that they do not allow passengers to look at each other in the window.

Sawtooth. The inner space.

Sawtooth. Interior.

Sawtooth – a residential building in the suburb of Lake Oswego.
Italian architect Peter Pichler, in desstur, I decided to protect the integrity of the owners, making the house a mirrored facade. Manor with a reflective "camouflage" protects perfectly from excessive attention.