Old furniture to and after changes striking and inspiring examples

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Old furniture "before" and "after" change: amazing and inspirational examples

How to make a real old furniture artwork? Transformation methods are simple enough – repainting, change of clothing, extra decoration, changing accessories. But here it is important to observe standards for design and make a truly rewarding update. We found worthy examples of how to transform old furniture and fit into the cabin.

orange transformation

Table to rework
Initially, this table was decorated with vintage style, and it would look great in a space decorated in style shabby-chic or Provence. Thanks to the bright orange the color was able to minimize the number of complicated parts, soft table design and easily fit into a modern interior.

Armchair dressed with a dull
This chair is initially attractive, but its interior is bad. If you want to update a furniture, it was painted in white color and the upholstery picked up a practical and simple in appearance, but has put a chair chic pillow of green velor.

elegant transformation

It made more concise and compact visual

Lead no traces

The old cabinet had lost its former glamor
When this pedestal decorated interior classical style, but it was a long time ago, and a furniture is clearly lost the original style. Therefore, it decided to update with the light green color, and made a stand more functional, add it to the top of the soft pillow.

From the tables in the Ottoman

The new look of the old chest

Furniture can be expensive to buy in flea market
Furniture rises every day, considerably cheaper to buy an agency or chair in a flea market, where prices have remained at about the same level for a long time. Yes, sometimes there are things here without connections or broken parts. Correct deficiencies are not complicated and not expensive. Here is an example of the transformation of the old beautiful obuvnitsy.

New life in old obuvnitsy

Old chair with torn padding
The easiest way to give life to the old chair or chair – change it, but you can paint your legs and body again to increase the effect. If desired, a furniture is easy to decorate and removable covers or decorative pillows.

Many stayed the furniture Soviet time, it can also be nice and cool remake! We found 20 interesting examples!

Enough to change the attire and paint the body