onduline roofing specifications

ONDULINE, easy and lightweight roofing systems
Homeowners appreciate ONDULINE ROOFING SYSTEMS for their multiple advantages:

Roof Ondulin – is completely natural material, made of cellulose fiber, wood components. To make them roofing, the fibers are exposed to elevated temperature and pressure, creating a waveform shrinkage.

The process takes place at a temperature of about 120 degrees. The resulting impregnated sheet of specially developed composite polymer compositions, and dyed. This branch Ondulin turns out to be environmentally friendly and safe for people and the environment.

This is the most waterproof roofing material, encountered in this indicator, many others, even more popular. Another plus – with time the ceiling does not just begin to flow, and vice versa – will be even better protected from the moisture of your home. The secret is that the sun heats the ceiling badly, and this warming reinforces the gradual construction of the material, so to say "gluing" the cellulosic fibers together, which increases the strength and water resistance at the same time.

Length: width: height = 200 cm: 96 cm: 0.3 cm, which is the standard. This "wave" of corrugations has a height of 3.6 mm, and the area for standard sheet – 1.92 sq. m. An important feature of a roofing material is the weight of an ondulinovy ​​sheet weighing 6.5 kg.

Tak Ondulin has a low fire safety rating, it illuminates at temperatures of 230 degrees. Because of this, it should not be used where there is a high fire risk, or it is subject to special requirements.

Specifications Ondulina in terms of security deserves highest marks. It does not emit harmful substances, it is difficult to break down and damage.

Usually Ondulin painted in brown, green, red and black.

The entire set of features allows material manufacturers to give him a guarantee for fifteen years in length. Like any mother, Ondulin has his plus and minus. They are appropriate to consider more in detail.

By carefully observing all control operations of Ondulina ceilings can last quite a long time, but significantly less than the last one metal or slate roof. But in some cases, its shortcomings are more than overlap, the biggest advantage: low price.