one with nature minimalist house with pool lens

This Is How a Minimalist Decorates a Home

Observatory House – house, inspired by the famous Indian observatory.
In a small Mexican settlement of the Roca Blanca Pacific Ocean, an unusual house at a distance resembles a flat surface with a large lens, reflecting the endless blue sky. Creating such shapes is inspired by the famous Indian observatory with simple, yet sincere shapes.

The project is a creative tandem by Gabriel Orozco and Tatiana Bilbao.
Creative tandem by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco (Gabriel Orozco) and Bilbao architect Tatiana (Tatiana Bilbao) are the perfect expression in the construction of houses on the beach of the Pacific Ocean called Observatory House. Creating such forms inspired by the artist's home of the 18th century observatory Jantar Tantar was built in the Indian city of Jaipur. After Gabriel saw her, he wanted to be on such a thing, and for this purpose invited Tatiana Bilbao. Of course, the house does not become a literal interpretation of the Indian observatory, but the architect could "capture" the basic idea, repeating a "genetic" code.

Observatory House. Simple disposition of a house.
For the construction of the house were used local materials – concrete blocks, stuck, wood. They also say that they were delivered with the help of a hill Panchito, who got a beer instead of water to give strength.

Observatory House. Pool reminds lens.
And the Spanish Atlantic coast chances no less exciting structure. Directly forms a large mansion that resembles the bridge, visually leading directly to the sea. It is the perfect place to "hide" from movement in the big city and to dream of the perishability of life.

Observatory House. The minimalist decor.
The interior is made in very low-painted colors, compensated by the beautiful nature. Simple shapes, no distinctive style of the building make it possible to integrate harmoniously into the landscape. "The highlight" Observatory House was a round pool, built on the roof of the building.