One with nature original eco cabin for spending night in woods

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Le Nichoir – the house for spending the night in the woods.
In the middle of the forest of Lorraine (France) There are several original houses in the form of diamonds. These buildings are designed for tourists or simple travelers who have decided to spend the night outdoors. Wooden houses fit perfectly in the natural landscape.

The project is an industrial designer Matali Crasset.
French industrial designer Matali Crasset (The Matali Crasset) is pervaded by the idea of ​​unity with nature and designed a series of houses in the forest that you can rent for the night Le Nichoir.

Le Nichoir – forest lodge for the night.
The foundation of the house is a metal frame, wood controls acacia and numbers. The roof covered with wood shingles. Each housing is on metal legs and can be moved to any other location, if necessary. The constructor claims that the construction of the buildings is in bad weather, even strong winds.

Le Nichoir. Minimalist decor in the forest lodge.

Le Nichoir. The minimalist decor.
In Europe, the practice is very popular to build houses for the night in the woods. On one of the tourist lines in Sweden, a small hotel built right on the trees.

Le Nichoir. Interior.
The interior is very minimalistic and is designed so enjoyable to spend the night in sleeping bags. Each house is designed for four people. Overnight in Le Nichoir will have to pay about 80 euros.