options for combining wallpaper for walls

Creative Uses of Wallpaper in Any Room |
Living room wallpaper

Create an exclusive design of the walls can depend on the usual wallpaper. Different versions of the combination of wallpaper with a variety of patterns and colors give your interior an interesting new wave of freshness and extravagance.

In the same room it is possible to combine wallpaper for the walls in the same tone, but different color shades the base color. In this embodiment, on one of the walls of the wallpaper, more saturated colors are placed than others. For example, one of the walls can be walled dark blue, and light from adjoining blue colors to dark blue colors.

If the wallpaper has a lot of bright pictures and colorful patterns, they are recommended to dilute a solid background.

It is a rather difficult alternative combining the wallpaper on the walls, it is a combination of different models and patterns. For example, use of wallpaper with floral patterns and striped wallpaper, in any similar colors.

A perfect solution for combining the wallpaper in the room is the separation of the lower and upper part of the wallpaper using the sidewalk.

To create interesting wallpapers from the wallpaper with a pattern or pattern, you can arrange the wallpaper segment in a frame with a wood, metal or plastic slats.

These segments can highlight some special accessories or furniture in the room. For example, select the TV or fireplace zone.

In addition, combining the wallpaper in the room can visually change the length, width and height of the room. In a long and narrow space, visually expanding, short walls can be identified by dark tones, and are longer than engraved in lighter shades. visually increase the area a small space to help bright shades, especially white. Visually lifting the ceiling will help scale upwards towards the ceiling.