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When there is a space that combines multiple features, such as living room and bedroom or office and kitchen, inner zone layout out in the main location.

It is enough to place a long sofa "back" to the other half of the room, and he is able to divide the room into two zones. As shown in the example, living and office are separate from each other. In this case, the dividing line complements and reinforces countertops.

For a large amount of space in the open-air space, it's usually not a problem, good yardage costs and makes it even without breakdown, but what are the options for zone layout for a small room, think about the following.

Instead of the sofa as a "divider" in the zone layout of the interior can perform the chest or elongated bar.

It is not necessary to mount and fix as soon as the role of the screen is easily folded and lay down for the next time. Finish and design screens can be different, so they are suitable for each interior.

Let's return to zone option options in the bedroom, combined with a shared bathroom. Bookshelves with shelves – an excellent opportunity to combine several functionally necessary things in one.

Rack divides rooms into 2 zones, not closet space, the shelves are in the living room and a library and a storage space, bedroom, which is located on the shelves "his" half, various small things and borrowing books without getting out of bed in the library.

Separate the living room with an office in 2 functional areas via the racket.

If you want to divide the area is large and the need to equate the area as individual rooms, some zone sharing options fit with the help of large cabinets and wardrobes. Clear benefits, sound and light, through a "wall" almost do not pass, while, contrary to conventional walls, is for storage. Cons, of course, too, bulky cabinets take up a lot of space.

Some modern furnishings, especially in style studio apartments, are hard to imagine without the use of sliding glass doors in the inner zone.

The options partitions with an aquarium in the living room.