order in refrigerator 10 useful tips that everyone should know

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How to keep the fridge clean?
Pure refrigerators not only provide a good reputation, but also directly affect the safety and quality of products contained in it. As a result of the refrigerator to get rid of unpleasant smells and distribute products properly? Today we share a simple but very useful tips.

Lost and expired products must be shed in time
1. Although the refrigerator has a function samorazmorozki, once a month, it is disconnected from the mains, pull out all the products and clean from dirt. It also allows for a small change to determine which products are already being rolled.

Store products are better in special plastic containers, food films
2. It is recommended to monitor the hygiene in the fridge on a daily basis, so that it did not appear unpleasant smells. To avoid any such special packaging in plastic film, plastic bags, plastic containers. You also need to make sure that the shelves do not spill milk or other liquids, and spoiled food is quickly taken out of the fridge.

After washing, the refrigerator should be wiped with a dry cloth
4. After finishing rinse the inside of the refrigerator, wipe it off with a soft cloth that does not leave a lint. Perfectly suitable microfiber. After that, the refrigerator should be aired for about half an hour. Only after you can insert it, and the products include power supply.

Removable parts are better to wash under running water, remove from the refrigerator
3. To have a refrigerator washing should remove all loose parts and clean them under running water with detergent. The inside of the refrigerator rinses harder, so to clean it well, it is recommended to use hot soda solution (1:59). Hydrate well cuts pollution does not damage the surface, it eliminates odor, easy to wash and leave no residue.

To dry dry fit micro
5. If after cleaning the refrigerator was an unpleasant odor, it is necessary to rub it with water and vinegar. It also cleans the surface. If the smell does not disappear, and after that, you will need to pull a piece of cotton in vinegar and leave for 2 hours in a corner of the fridge.

Vinegar, baking soda and lemon good contaminants fight and smell
6. Flavors also absorb baking soda. It is recommended to pour in a small glass or open salt and place one of the corners in the refrigerator. For this method, you need to change the soda for 2-3 months.

Eggs should be kept in closed containers
8. Interestingly, the common hen eggs are sensitive to smells and through their shoulders can absorb them as a fungus. Thus, eggs More release carbon dioxide, so it is better to hide in special containers with caps.

Each product must be a place in the refrigerator
10. Some words about the correct balance of food in the fridge. At the top is to keep meat, meat products and cooked dishes. Average shelf for dairy products. Below you can store fruits and vegetables. The door should distribute milk, vegetable oil, eggs and juice. Almost impossible to put meat and dairy products and fish can not tolerate neighborhoods with vegetables.

Some fruits and vegetables are not put in the fridge. For information on how to organize their correct storage, please refer to our review in detail.