overcoats coats and jackets as upholstery brilliant ideas from british studio

Chic Cocktail Swing Coat pattern and tutorial 12M-5T
Chic Cocktail Swing Coat pattern and tutorial by heidiandfinn

Overcoat in the attire

How to creatively renovate old furniture? British designers have interesting ideas about this. They literally masked like an old chair in a rock, skirts, jackets and even uniforms. And because the use of auto line decor, caps and tennis balls. How are rehabilitated places in the new "clothes"? It's worth seeing!

Conversion of old furniture

For clothing, old coats, overcoats and jackets are used

Beautiful rehabilitation of old furniture
Before the master rescued the Retro Vintage studio, it faces a difficult task – they need to conceal the old chair. But first, the furniture is gone with the old stuffing. Then the process of polishing and painting of wood base and then "dressed" in a traditional English furniture jackets, coats and rocks, even in times of a trial of the Soviet Union.

Prepare the chair looked more impressive, with padding on its overcoat try to keep the bats, buttons and even pockets.

Armchair in retro style
The interior is complemented with gloves, handkerchiefs, pockets or scarves. And in some cases, as in the Soviet military forms used patches and home buttons with a star and emblem. And the rear seat uses machine-sleeves. It looks impressive!

creative ottoman

unusual furniture

Furniture that will make a stylish interior

The vintage style furniture
Sometimes designers impress the most unusual things, events and even people. For example, Brazilian artists inspired outfits bandits in the 19th century, the creation of a very unusual and colorful furniture.