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Own Designer: 25 original bathroom creative homeowners
Fantasy designers sometimes do not go to anyone in comparison with creativity homeowners. When owners are taken for the repair of an apartment on their own, the results can be very surprising – from these masterpieces to strange misunderstandings.

Natural materials in the interior of a bathroom in New Orleans

Tiles in the bathroom in Amsterdam

Bathroom, owned by artist WayneAmedi, has the presence of a stand-alone roll-top bath and sink on a pedestal, which is from the 19th century. A wall lined with natural stone, enhances the effect of rustic style, filled with history and life.

In this house, a room that used to be storage of boats and old doors, the owners turned to the bathroom. Walls, floors, make-up tables and bath tiled by yourself. Climbing into the bath can be in the stairs, which are also side by side.

Bathroom with individual face in Salt Lake City

Turned into a dressing table cupboard

Art Spirit in a New York house

What Bradford Shellhammer Balin and Georgie like a rainbow can also be seen on the inside of the bathroom. Thanks to colorful ornaments and gizmos, the atmosphere created in the gallery.

Multifunctional agency

Bathroom had dreamed the whole family from Ohio

Raymond and Jennifer Harrison took the fence in this house. When they were divorced, the parents decided to repair to begin a new chapter in their lives. Table top dressing table, as in the bathroom for the guests on the ground floor of the house, made of marble and fixtures wife did so, and saw a photo on Instagram. Thanks to the white tile bathroom looks nice, and the wallpaper with pink flamingos remind guests of the owners love to live on the coast.

Country chic in Alabama

The traditional rustic style of the house and Rachel LaneSchranz embodies the toilet. Tailor-made washbasin brackets and handkerchiefs, baskets not only complete the design, but also perform a number of useful features.

Simplicity and eclecticism were the main bathroom featuring Keith and Brian Williamson. Brian has built an open plan wood flooring tile that combines perfectly with the design in white. Open shelves allow the owners to comfortably enjoy the things they are stored.

The white color and wood details in the bathroom

Bathroom in a historic building Baton Rouge is used to be a bedroom. Homeowners and Lauren Steele Bakholt's bathroom design was based on a combination of old and modern touches of decoration and decor, so they left the original wallpaper with deer, but allowed modern style lighting. The old table was turned into a dressing table, where two sinks were placed.

History with modern features

Interior Architect Lee Thornley LeisureThe work lives on a floating barge, standing on the dock near its studio. Dimensions Bathroom 1.8 x 2.5 m. The bathroom has a shower and sink in the industrial style.

working with blanket Lauren painter and specialistDecatur, bought his dream house in the woods in the New Hampshire area. Bright colored panels revive the interior and interior. On the wall above the bath on the legs, you can see color photographs overlooking Venice 20s that reminds the owner of a simple lifestyle.

Bathroom in a marine style in Cape Cod

The bathroom Claire Hannafin dressing table made in this style, both on ships. The entire suite is decorated in a marine style using wood as in the cottages.

Repair of the bathroom due to the expansion of the family

The bathroom can meet the needs of family members, Scott and Melissa Powell next to the old house built a bigger home. Scott, owner of a private construction company, took over the prerequisites for beauty and functionality. The bathroom has an independent bath with shower and an original fireplace, located behind the mirror.