own designer elegance country house rustic style

Designer tips for decorting in the rustic French

Designer Tips for Decorating in the Rustic French Country Style

Own Designer: The elegance of a country house in a rustic style
Friendly Texas house was built prefabricated. The hostess, and part-time interior designer, has collaborated with the architect to realize his creative ideas on comfort and a country house for his family of sex.

Country house in Texas

In the house live: a married couple with four sons. Location: Houston suburbs

One of the most comfortable rooms is the living room, located on the ground floor, next to the hall. Its function is the door of French style, which leads directly into the pergola, intertwined with climbing plants. Family history has put its mark on the facade of the house. The fact that its constituents are made of brick by old grandmother's house.

The house is built in the local style of the southern town hall with two gables – the front and the side. Promised with ranger gazebo gives it a special charm. Columns and internal floors are made of old Chicago bricks. The front door is on the left of the gazebo. Three French doors from the living room lead to the gazebo. The chapel over the pergola protects the living room from the burning Texas sun. In front of the house covered exterior walls, the same elements as in upright position architect are applied for finishing the interior walls of the living room. The doors are made of red wood on request. The transom door mirrors visually extend them and is another source of daylight and the connection to the outside of the house.

living room

The second living room

The French door in a gazebo

Masonry exterior pergola and kunglounge are also binding elements. The house, which was torn to build this belonged to the housewife of her grandmother, and left after the demolition of bricks would be used for the construction of pillars and flooring. In the living room a couple rose under other rooms, because the brick floor was laid over the sack, and the floor in the other rooms is on top of the basement.

In the house there are soft transitions from one room to another. In one part of the house is another large comfortable living room, which can be seen from the kitchen. TV It is built in a niche just above the chest.

The hostess, a good cook, it's so unimportant interest outstanding food. Everything is thought out in the kitchen, as the hostess knows exactly how everything is to be comfortable. The kitchen is in a place where there are several rooms, and so it should be great, so as not to interfere with the transition from one room to another.

It is a local tradition from generation to generation using the same dinner table. This was still housewife's grandmother. The fact that the house has a large dining table, speaks of family harmony. The kitchen is visible cohesive elements such as shelves, stainless steel chairs. In addition, the kitchen is almost all the main parts, including lamps – metal. Table top made of dark granite gives a special charm.

Ladugårdsdøren to the kitchen

Also the difference in the level of floors and surfaces, surprise and big barn door between bathroom and kitchen. These doors can be closed to give privacy, perfectly suited to the style of a country house.

Everything in the house is sweeping with the idea of ​​comfort, inclusive couches, chairs and carpets. The same can be said about the colors and interior design. Neutral gray, beige and mole is not striking. High windows and a large round chandelier are the main sources of light.


The most reserved room in the house – there is a library, which is on the other side of the kitchen. It is strict symmetry. Particular attention should be paid to the boards, an elegant fireplace and window fittings. Comfortable chairs and Ottoman are the attributes of comfort. Built-in high-ceiling furniture makes it more comfortable. The workplace consists of a table and bookshelves, and at night it is possible to relax on a comfortable bed, which is in a special niche.


Snickeri deserves your entire attention to your attention. The same applies to the bookshelves in the study, which strive for the roof, while a chandelier nerds. Blinds in the bottom of the large windows provide privacy.

Bathrooms are excellent parental examples of balance between elegance and rustic style. In the eye catches a coarse wooden chest of drawers against the Ottoman walls, lined with mosaic tiles and marble worktops.


Four-poster bed is also a part of a rustic style and looks great in combination with the tile's clapboard ceiling. Thanks banquet with original dress, gilded frame on a mirror, a French-style chair and expensive bedding bedroom looks luxurious.

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