own designer new winter garden as home decoration converted from coach house

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Own Designer: New conservatory as an ornament in the house, converted from a former coach
Designer Melissa Miranda is remembered as a child, as she held in London in a house with a conservatory, in the morning she enjoyed a pleasant smell. Therefore, after returning from Barcelona, ​​she decided to organize, in the house where she lives with her husband and son, a conservatory in the annexe, built by her husband's project. Miranda is interested in growing flowers, and it turns out she is good. Now, in the conservatory the family spends a lot of time: they eat breakfast here, lunch and dinner. Reconstruction has been completed and the entire house. For example, there was a tray in the Spanish style and a heated floor.


Location: Dorchester, near BostonHuset inhabited: Melisa Miranda, an interior designer, her husband, a builder; their son was 10 years old; three catsExterior: 222,9 m2, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathroomsWinter Garden is located in a room built on the site of the former garden. Under the tiles in Spanish style heating system is installed, so it's a cozy and family and plants throughout the year. Miranda is convinced that the house without flowers – is this not a house. She likes looking at them and taking care of them. Around the table of wood tropical wood chairs are stylized tulips. Table on wheels, and Miranda can move it to another place in the room, if she wants to make room for dance. If the hostess is configured to read, it is appropriately designed on a small couch, this is my mother's gift. There is also an unusual ceiling lamp in the form of a star of Moroccan frosted glass, tailor-made Mexican companies. If it's hot, you can open the skylights on the roof. The winter garden can be reached directly in the kitchen, which has experienced a few years since reconstruction.

In a time characterized by Queen Victoria, this house served as a Karetnaya, was built in the early 19th century. At the place where there is today a kitchen, while there were three stalls for horses with brass containers for the collection of horse urine.

Kitchen after renovation


When Miranda moved to renovated houses, she was decorating and changing. For example, all kitchen cabinets she is placed against a wall for convenience and a more modern look. Miranda also replaces granite countertop in black on white quartz. It was here she prepares, on the edges of countertops there are slots for water drainage. Recently the couple is installed in a kitchen building shelves on the wall around the door leading to the office to balance those too high ceilings, have the former coaches. On the shelves of Miranda, in addition to bottles, storage and cooking utensils, including croissants and dishes, which is its pride, and coffee maker.

The first reconstruction of Miranda paints the walls in a gray color to give the room a more modern image.

At last, reconstruction was easier and more comfortable thanks to a brilliant finish on the walls. Miranda would give the room a more natural look. There are very long winters, so you want more light, and of course, green. Miranda painted walls, roofs and frames throughout the house with colored color "Swiss coffee" by Benjamin Moore. This shade of white is one of her favorite colors. Complement the picture of potted plants and lighting, also providing better comfort. Lists that Miranda decorated the wall, balanced high ceilings. She does not change the couch, because there are three cats in the house, which still ruin new furniture. At that time, the family had to sell everyone before moving to Barcelona, ​​so they had to buy a new Mediterranean style. The local Miranda store ordered medium sized mat, which looks good on the floor of a maple.

Area by the fireplace

During the reconstruction of the house, Miranda has established food. The room is so big and public that the fireplace was a must. It is made in the traditional style of London's King Edward. Above the stove on the wall is a medallion with 12 zodiac signs. The couple found something in the basement. They are restored, painted in the same color as the walls, and established part of the mirror in the middle. Both the chair in the style of the mid 20's, decorated with sheepskin, which is part of the Scandinavian motif.

In the living room of the dining room there is a table in the style of the mid 20's surrounded by several of the original chairs. My favorite furniture Miranda – chair chair in the form of a peacock tail. During the 60-70 years it is considered kitsch chairs, was very popular, but was seen as bad taste. Miranda acquired Italian mirror in an antique store in Barcelona.


Curved narrow staircase left from previous coaches. Miranda and Serret laid steel rails, which can easily be dismantled when needed to make furniture on the second floor. Underneath it's philodendron, uncomplicated plant that is ideal for areas lacking daylight. Together with them in a clay pottery terracotta paint sansevieriya sprinkles.


The bedroom was formerly the barn, so honest enough. Interior and simple and is organic with the interior of the house. Miranda always loved the simplicity, especially in the bedroom. The main thing is that the room was enough light and space. The sofa my wife bought in Barcelona, ​​and pillows brought Mother Miranda from a trip to Turkey. The picture on the wall at the bedside table written on the page cloth. It should be acknowledged that the rule of "shoemakers without shoes" with regard to the designers did not work. For themselves, they apply equally interesting interiors than for their customers, for example, Saul Smariga and her beautiful Maryland house.