padded panels for walls with your hands

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In addition to the usual standard finishing rooms, such as wallpaper or painting, it is a relatively rare type of interior such as soft panels for walls. In fact, the use of such panels is much wider: they can decorate doors, ceilings and furniture.

Almost every furniture can be changed to make it bright and eye-catching using a trim. soft panel in the gable especially looks good.

An important plus soft wall panel is that they serve as an additional soundproofing. It's not hard to make a soft wall panel with your own hands.

In the manufacture of wall panels with its soft hands the imagination is unlimited. For its design can be used brass nubb (for example, look very impressive leather panel with "Karetnaya" upholstery such nails), buttons sew on the best and form different patterns.

This will require (considering panel size 500h2400 mm):

Important! If soft panels for walls give a pattern, you must follow when cutting to the edge of the finished product matched the pattern on the joints!