of odnushki three points successful redevelopment tel aviv

De la trei ruble în odnushki: reamenajarea cu

The apartment is 55 square meters How to increase the usable area of ​​†<†<the apartment, dodess spacious and tripled? The task is not easy, but architects Tel Aviv could do odnushki three rubles, to hide all the stuff and electrical wires out of sight, while simultaneously issuing an ...

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25 home office turns into cozy guest bedroom

ikea brimnes daybed :: guest bedroom :: home

25 Home Office, transformed into a cozy guest room In the modern home literally every centimeter of weight in gold, so you have to avoid and merge sometimes completely incompatible things. Few people have a place for a separate guest bedroom, office at home or children's play. We offer creativity ...

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natural materials in interior original decor in bathroom

Natural materials in the interior: the original interior of the bathroom Bathroom – this is the place where the choice of materials used has a huge impact on the relationship between the inner and the outer. This is where nobody else in the whole way will be natural materials, which ...

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15 ingenious ways disguise electrical wires and sockets

Methods for masking electrical wires and sockets Electric cables can destroy even the most expensive and elegant decor. Co-woven colored threads, sometimes tangled or twisted, look very unattractive. What to do with these "parasites space"? 2. Megapolis 3. Electroart 4. In the classic style 5. Middle East Architecture 1. beautiful ...

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finish toilet and bath 5 alternatives bored with tile

Alternatives to tiles in the bathroom and bathtub The most popular finishing material, used for feed bathroom and toilet, a ceramic tile. And allow it to produce a wide variety of shapes and colors, sometimes you want to try something more original. I'm glad that there are at least 5 ...

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the fairytale 20 stunning tudor houses

History of reality: 20 amazing Tudor houses Beautiful Tudor-style house, medieval atmosphere. They are characterized by unique features that make them stand out from all other buildings. We offer an overview of 20 beautiful houses that show in their own unique and unique style. simple landscape motley Large and beautiful ...

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7 cool ideas for old door handles in interior

Old Doors Repurposed | Creative idea to repurpose

The second life of old door handles Objects have long served their age occasionally make notes in the interior of vintage charm. For example, handle the old door. Some of them have a rather odd design and interesting in themselves as artifacts. Throw accessories like a pity without giving them ...

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