paint wallpaper and fabrics how to update old furniture

Update an old cabinet or dresser w/ fabric

Color, wallpaper and fabric: how to update old furniture Old battered furniture can give an adventurous, which makes it not only beautiful, but also unique. This comes, on the one hand, to join the family of amazing handsome hands, and on the other hand, is not much to break away ...

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25 budget friendly ideas for interior decor

Budget proposals for home furnishing How to decorate the interior elegantly and spend this dime? Can a budget decor be beautiful? Today, we decided to figure out and find the most economic ideas for those who want to change the course of their house. The idea №2: Daisies in the ...

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form and content building with non dynamic facade

Laiki Lefkothea – the house with the original dynamic facade. In Cyprus, for a large family built two storey houses with unusual geometric shapes. It was about the Chamber, saying that "the form encompasses the content." The dynamic facade with different curves is what separates the building apart from other ...

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the domino game fancy black and white apartment poland

Black painting and Black floor ! French By

The unusual black and white apartment Black and white combination is always in the interior. It looks unusual and interesting, but not everyone dares to give their apartment in contrasting colors. Today, we look at a real example of how to use bold color scheme in the interior, and a ...

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10 stylish and modern shower curtains

Elegant and original shower curtain. Bathroom – the place where I want to sleep, relax and forget about the problems today. So why not be sure to get a bit of elegance and style in its own way – the most easy and cheap way. In our review – 10 ...

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