Complete bathroom sets buying guide

Buyers Guide: Bathroom Accessories | Bella Bathrooms Blog

A complete bathroom set comprises of every useful thing that you require in your bathroom. If we take a broader perspective, a complete set comprises of bath tubs, vanity cabinets, sinks, toilets and other notable bathroom fixtures. At the micro level, smaller items like curtains, towel racks, towels, rugs and ...

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How to find the most appropriate bathroom locks

Confounding Door Lock | Alzheimer's Safety Devices |

Bathroom locks are primarily used for provision of privacy. Unlike the rest of the door locks they are not designed to provide real security. However, there are a few things that need to be considered before buying a bathroom lock. This article would provide you with all the knowledge that ...

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Bathroom stools buying guide

IKEA Vanity Chair & Stool - To Buy

Buying the right bathroom stools seems to be a very easy task but there are a few things that complicate it a bit. This article would allow you to make the right choices while buying a stool for your bathroom by providing you with all the necessary knowledge. What to ...

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Bathroom baskets

Bathroom Baskets | Crate and Barrel

A person’s drawing room is the first thing that their guests notice but then more than that, the bathroom will determine the kind of impression your guests will have about you. And we are not kidding!! If you have the corniest and outdated designs in your bathroom than you will ...

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Bathroom wall sconces

Wall Sconce Buying Guide at

Bathrooms are a tricky space yet the most essential one among your house. If you are really passionate about your living space then there is no way that you will compromise on your bathroom. Remodelling your bathroom is the new trend yet it can become your biggest mistake if you ...

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