Budgettips – Doormat

Come the f-ck in or f#uck the F@ck

It's not really wise to get caught up in such a simple thing as a door mat, but I really love this thick braided model that I found last time I was at IKEA. A real budget cap and it fits well with our gray-green limestone floor. Hand woven in ...

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Week’s Sunday Summary v 47 – 2016 – Trends –

Content Trends 2018 - BuzzSumo Research Report

Happy first advent horny! Here is a summary of the biggest interior news and snackers who passed the revue during the past week. Hope you find something you like. Kinfolk has moved its headquarters from Portland to Copenhagen and the new interior designer Norm Architects has turned the blogging around ...

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Hemnetgodis: Sångfågelvägen

Trendenser -

This villa, which is for sale on Sångfågelvägen in Saltsjö-Boo, does not whistle on windows or views. Which "uterum". Panoramic windows against the water and high ceilings = light therapy deluxe. More pictures can be found here! Photo: Bjurfors Styling: Catarina Klampe / Homestyle.se

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Hemnetgodis: Plogatan 10

Hemnetgodis: Ploggatan 10

Check out this lovely apartment, which is for sale on Plugatan 10 via Historic homes. So liberating ones. Pink bedroom walls, dark green hall, a personal living room and a built-in kitchen in addition to the usual. Photo: Spinnell Styling: Rydman

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Lookalikes: Thin Cotton Mat – Trends –

Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug, 2'x3', Natural/Ivory at West

No, I know that no one can ever patent a single cotton mat with twine nuts, unless we turn the watch back to the date the looms were invented. So take this for what it is. An example of two lookalikes. I have Himla's thin carpet Särö in concrete gray ...

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Hemnetgodis: Tellusborgsvägen

Hemnetgodis: Tellusborgsvägen | Trendenser | Bloglovin'

Should perhaps "save" this rewritten gem to Sunday summation, as nice spread as it received this week – but can not hold me. For sale on Tellusborgsvägen. Have you seen? For me who live in a typical townhouse, the ceilings of the kitchen feel like a veritable utopia. How nice. ...

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Week’s Sunday Summary v 37 – 2016 – Trends –

Analysis Of The EIA Statistics, Week Ending August

Sunday again and time to sum up the news week, which has gone out of the interior industry's perspective. No idea to be long-standing, you know what's up, so I'm going straight. Week 37 has offered a lot of news, both "at home and abroad". And a little question mark ...

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Therefore, avoid dark woods / hardwood in – Trends

Hardwood Trends: Fashion versus forever - Oct 2017

I see them everywhere right now. In interior magazine, blogs, instagram and pinterest. The dark gems that are expected to be the 2018 major trend. And certainly it is beautiful with the dark dark brown and blackened the zebra-like elements. I agree that teak, jakaranda and rosewood give a weight ...

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Hemnetgodis: Chalmersgatan

Hemnetgodis: Chalmersgatan (Trendenser) | Beautiful Home Design

I think the apartment, which is for sale at Chalmersgatan 17 A, has just such a period of style, which we will look back on retrospectively and be considered as signature carrier for the interest-induced interior design in the 2010's. Everything is very nice and really fun and great fun. ...

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