meka houses from shipping containers

MEKA reinvents shipping container housing | TreeHugger

Houses built on the basis of depreciated cargo containers – one of the most popular trends in ecological architecture: they are comfortable, cheap, reliable and made of environmentally friendly materials. Three friends – designer, architect and builder – engaged in the design of container houses, governed by three principles, which ...

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progressive house from discarded containers project anand bungalow

Jetson Green - Upcycled Container House in Malaysia

Designer Ken Kwok (Ken Kwok) from MalaysiaAnand Bungalow Architects Agency has designed a large and environmentally-friendly construction of six-laden cargo containers. The total area of ​​the house is about 250 square meters. meters, and its technical equipment includes a rainwater collection and accessories for the flow of running water and ...

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the national residence of annie

Annie Besant, the first woman to endorse birth

Designed by Bercy Chen Studio, ResidenceAnnie – this is a modern prefab house in downtown Austin. The unique architectural design of the house divides it into two living rooms, which are designed, respectively, to the two families. Compiled on the basis of a modular steel frame, the house consists of ...

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a small house port a bach

Bonnifait + Giesen | PORT-A-BACH PROTOTYPE

The port and the Bach – a portable housing meant for completely safe and relatively cheap accommodation for two adults with two children. It has all the necessary furniture in the house. The large window front wall-mounted blinds curtains that protect the passengers from the sun. It should be added ...

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container houses for less than 10000

DIY Shipping Container Home Built For Less Than

The houses are sold for children children's world, stand $ 2000 to $ 30,000. On these pictures, we see these houses for less than $ 10,000. Well, these houses look like cabins, and more for those in desperate need of housing. Still

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all about landscape design

Stylish Landscape And Garden Design Garden Design Landscaping

The cozy and functional farm there is absolutely left by chance and living easier and more enjoyable holiday. That is why the landscape yard construction must be competent splanirovan.Pristupat to the web design plan comes after a thorough evaluation of its shortcomings sostoyaniya.Vse successfully turned into benefits, and the farm ...

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how to make rockery

How to make a rockery - Saga

Landscape compositions are quite varied. Each of them has its own character and personality. Our article will help you create a unique stone party on your site, which will be a real gem in your garden. Due to the presence of rocks used for the formation of rock sections, similar ...

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country style your site

What Is French Country Style? 5 Ideas to

The country-style garden decorate any country's place, bringing warmth and romance into an old-fashioned western villages. For the first time, this style appeared in countrywide US cities in the 19th century, absorbing the breath of wild west and adventure. The distinctive features of this style are the love of a ...

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hedge plants

Which Hedge? | Hedging Plants Explained |

Hedge or border of plants and flower buds nice solution for dizayna.Samy common materials for the sidewalk – stone. It is believed that this natural material is best to allocate the border flower discount or lawn. But more than the original design will be a flowering lawn lively border. In ...

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