paint wallpaper and fabrics how to update old furniture

Update an old cabinet or dresser w/ fabric
Update an old cabinet or dresser w/ fabric or wallpaper

Color, wallpaper and fabric: how to update old furniture
Old battered furniture can give an adventurous, which makes it not only beautiful, but also unique. This comes, on the one hand, to join the family of amazing handsome hands, and on the other hand, is not much to break away from mass production. The result can be an original furniture for the price of cans of paint or rolls with wallpaper. All tips are also available for beginner master.

Long forgotten wax cloth

Change the handles on drawers and cabinets

In the store there is only a large variety of woven fabrics. Wood table, especially in the white rustic style, you can now provide a fantastic bench behind which looks much easier than fabric. It is necessary to measure the size of the table tops, measure the desired piece of cloth, carefully bend the corners and edges and secure them from below with a stapler or tape.

Simple agency will look very different on the drawers to change the conventional handle to the original, for example, glass or colored. You can paint agency white and pencils to make contrasting turquoise.

update chairs

change seat

Background on the shelves

The rear wall of the shelves can be decorated with wallpaper-original pattern. Buy best outfits leftovers or rolls. Cut desired size pieces that glued wallpaper clips. Caution should be observed. To avoid bubbles and wrinkles.

Paint the mirror frame

Bench in the hallway

Collage is back in fashion, it's a real joy to creative people. Common bench in the corridor can now completely change.

Pattern on the bedside table

The old cabinet will be a great candidate for restoring its own. Just find the wallpaper with an interesting pattern and master the decoupage technology. And if you manage to get the original Victorian-style furniture while the interior will turn into a saga, you can only make a small effort to restore it.