paint walls 5 most fashionable and stylish shades which should be given a chance

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Paint the wall 5 of the most fashionable and stylish colors, which should be given a chance
The color palette of colors on the walls is as big as sometimes the choice becomes a real punishment. And often it does not give the desired result. The offer to pay attention to 5 options, which is always fashionable, looks stylish and far from boring beige and white classic.

Blue wall in the kitchen

blue corridor

Blue furniture in the kitchen

This year, designers and professionals and Greek fans actively use blue in the interior. "Benjamin Moore" considered it one of the most fashionable colors this year. And no wonder, as it helps to create pictures resembling holiday at sea.

This shade of blue is considered cold and fluffy, but at the same time it is capable of producing an effect. It depends entirely on its quantity in the interior. If you want a sense of full presence in the Mediterranean, it is necessary to paint them all the walls. Otherwise you can limit color furniture.

Gray furniture in the kitchen

The bedroom in various shades of gray

Children in different shades of gray

The dining room in various shades of gray

Bedroom in a coral color

coral furniture

coral surface

Rosa has long ceased to be exclusively childish and girly. Coral color – is the answer to this season pastel colors. Finally, this shadow has gained recognition. Because it will certainly be a key factor that catches the eye, you should balance it. Best of all coral used for accent walls to soak up the space.

olive furniture

Bedroom olive color

Living in olive color

Light olive explosion

Olive color is inextricably connected to nature, On this you can play with the interior. It should really be used in conjunction with natural elements of wood or stone. It is wonderfully suited for rooms that are in the transition between the outer and the interior. Kitchen and hall – the best option.

Live in violet tones

Rich plum in the interior of the living room

Purple, and especially plum-the perfect choice for those who want to take on the inner splendor. For a long time he was associated with wealth and luxury, so you can easily create the right impression with a very modest budget.

The most important thing – choosing the right room. To create a royal atmosphere best for dining and living rooms. In addition to having to take into account the size of the room. In a small room he did not suppress.

Elegant kitchen in white and violet tones