perfect color for bedroom 7 harmonious variants

Harmonic colors in the bedroom

The color scale in the bedroom must adjust to the satisfaction, to give a sense of harmony and appealing to the eye. But how to choose the right shade that really decorates the inside and does not cause discomfort? There are several nice conversations that do not annoy and create a favorable atmosphere in the bedroom. On them will be discussed today!

refreshing turquoise
The turquoise shade associated with clear skies and sea. It's nice tones, but is quite active, so it's best to soften it with a gray or brown color.

enveloped gray
Warm halftone gray, combined with a soft white color can make the interior very soft and comfortable. This area will be calm in the evening and refreshing in the morning. The binder can be used shadow delicate creme brulee.

delicate coral
When choosing coral color scheme, desires almost unreasonable background that will erase the boundaries of space, and as an accent to use bedding, curtains and accessories pronounced color.

elegant ivory
Elegant surroundings will help create the color fist that can be used completely or fragmentarily, and for the background and furniture. Just to balance space, it is recommended to complete the inner parts of saturated brown or black. This could be a lamp, a mirror in a frame, or a curtain.

Olive oil is valued for its excellent use and color – as it has a positive effect on the human psyche. A nice shade of green does not cause irritation, but the interior makes it incredibly appealing.

Since the beginning of the 2000s in the design world, begin deeco mode. Interior has become more natural colors and materials. At the first level is now the beauty of texture surfaces of wood, cotton, natural stone. Natural colors are very harmonious for bedroom interior, thanks to its neutrality. It can supplement splashes of green, yellow and brown.

natural shades
By the way, Scandinavian designers often use natural colors, for decoration bedrooms, but have in their portfolio, and other interesting options. We have collected the best of them!