plates walls 17 decor ideas that make interior interesting

17 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Plates | Wall Arrangements

How to decorate the inside of the plates.
Beautiful ceramic or porcelain plates They can decorate not only in the table, but also the walls. They can make notes in the inner comfort and make it elegant. What style are suitable decorations that were to place the favorite collection of crockery? In our review – the best ideas!

Dishes in kitchen fittings
Most importantly, decorate the walls in the plate cookie. There are suitable dishes with fruit and berries motif. Look for the area around the cabinets or niches. The most important thing is to constantly wipe the plates so that they are not covered with an unpleasant fat coating.

The interior of the dishes in the interior of the living room
Traditionally, living room decorated with family photos, paintings or posters. See the plate in this space is unusual. They may be focusing on a wall, for example, in the arrangement of the couch.

Decor of dishes in the dining room interior
Another pretty good place – dining room. Plates of expensive collections will give the area a special ceremony. Well, if the subject or color on the disc will overlap with a cloth or stuffed chairs.

The bedroom decorative tiles often hang in the main area. Here it will be appropriate to place in the form of an arc. For this method of choosing a flat round and oval.

Tiles in the interior of a bedroom

Tiles in the lobby

The original wall decor in the workplace

Fireplaces are part of the traditional English decor, as well as tiles, often decorated with the strict British interiors. By choosing this method of wall decoration it is necessary to consider that the interior of the fireplace portal does not take attention.

Tiles over the fireplace

The atmosphere can make another plate

Most plates can be found in urban interiors. They decorate the space in style shabby-chic and Provence. But today, designers are introducing posudny decorated in modern and classic style.

Tiles are suitable in a rustic style

The plates can be decorated and the doorway. To this decor is not charged interior, it is necessary to pick up dishes are small. Rounded shapes help to provide softness to the space, and the square plates will make the room more geometichnoy.

Unusually, arrangements of plates appear in the unicorn of the room. And it comes, as internal and external (convex) angles. For such a decoration lies in the most appropriate form of a wave.

The plates can be decorated and door opening

The plates can be accent elements, diluted tight interior brightness or act juicy in black and white interior. In contrast, the combination of colors is not superfluous to play with the shape or size of the tiles.

corner of the room decor plates

This year, furnishings and fashion magazines are strict geometric shapes. This trend is well applicable to the hanging tiles on the wall. For example, one can make a big diamond, oval or circle.

Often, from the grandmother's heritage passed beautiful dishes. To hide such a treasure is not worth it. It is possible to assign a venue on one of the empty walls.

Collection of grandmother's dishes

If the collection of decorative tiles large, exposure to best buy or make their own hands a special showcase. Look for better where there is constant motion to avoid getting stuck in one of the valuable exhibits.

collection exposure plates

Elegant interior looks tiles, the color contained in a number of independent furniture. This creates a harmonious and complete picture, which is nice to admire.