ponds in landscape design

Landscape Design Software - Adding a Pond

As more and more modern landscaping, there are different modifications biovodoemov. These buildings look very nice in the garden and you can cool off during hot summer days in them. The water in the container is always clean and the use of different types of chemicals is not required for this.

Biovodoemy is listed on two levels. Smaller deep islands are for plants, and in the deepest part of you can swim. This shallow area is a kind of treatment facility which, incidentally, catches the eye with its freshness. Water garden consists of plants that feed on organic matter. When it comes to cleaning the plateau, you can place a special microorganisms that will further clean the water in the pool.

Such a structure with a dust treatment system, it is best to do in the trees, as falling leaves contribute to water pollution and the appearance of undesirable algae. Beauty will be short-lived, and cleaning takes a lot of time.
For this type of unit the container is not required to choose a flat surface, because it relies on the movement of water from one area to another.

Be sure to set the container cup mechanical filters and a pump driven continuously, as water circulation can not be broken. Water must always be filled with oxygen, not to start the flowering process. just need a good sealant layer, to avoid falling into groundwater that interferes with the ecosystem.

On the construction of such facilities will need about three months. Only after all parts work normally.