portrait a african flower paper decor in technique quilling

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Hand made picture made using paper quilling technique. Ideally made to be framed. A4 sizes, 14.8 x 21cm All designs are made to order

Portrait of an african flower – decorative paper in the technique "quilling"
People have always tried to perfect. The desire to deal with beautiful things quite naturally, because they raise positive feelings, improve the mood and also give strength. Redeem a beautiful nice, but much more interesting to create your own hands and feel the magician and the magician, be able to create a miracle of common things.

Portrait of an African paper

silhouette cut

Quilling – a contemporary art creation of thin, long strips of paper, turned into a spiral. We propose to create your own masterpiece of modern ethnic shade. It will be an African silhouette with colorful flowers in a luxurious hair. The exclusive artwork can be used as an original wall decoration, as part of the decor gift box as a lampshade for a lamp or a candle. Everything is due to the boundless imagination. We need: • 3 and 6 millimeters (or 5 mm) multicolored paper quillings, • an A4 black • pen or quilling needle, • liquid adhesive for paper, • scissors, • quilling on board, • imagination and creativity

Draw a silhouette of yourself or download it from the Internet (in this case we are dealing with a format A 4, but it can be adjusted as desired). Mark the sketch on black paper (easier to do from the back) and cut.

create pieces

create pieces

finished items

Combine 3 mm and 6 mm paper quilling to create a light relief.

Binding element Quilling

Gluing attracts the silhouette

Glue all the elements together and then glue the entire composition to the silhouette, to avoid contamination of the surface.

Binding element Quilling

Experiment laminate elements on each other to achieve the effect 3d.

Stick the entire composition of monochromatic sheet (White, Yellow, etc.) or use it as a lampshade for a lamp and attach it with double-sided tape based on the lamp. Enjoy your own handmade masterpieces and surprise their loved ones!

Portrait of an African flower

The composition is prepared as a lamp shade for a lamp