practicality and functionality 9 possible ways placing microwave in kitchen

13 Places to Put a Microwave in Your Kitchen

Practical and functional: 9 possible ways to place a microwave in the kitchen
Place work areas in the kitchen of classically based on the "rule of triangle", which provides the efficient movement of food from the fridge to the sink, and then to the plate to make the process of cooking comfortable. But how are others not less important, though sometimes small big items in a variety of devices and technologies that we use daily? For example, a microwave. Detecting the pros and cons of a particular place places the microwave in the kitchen.

Below the level of the working surface

Integrate the microwave in the kitchen cabinet

If the work surface area is small, or There is only one wall cabinet, in this case, it is worth thinking about how to install additional tables below the desk it was possible to put the microwave. Benefits. First of all, you do not have to occupy space on the workspace, and do not scrape the space between the work area and hanging cabinets, if anything. Disadvantages. If the microwave is very low, it will be uncomfortable to put and get out of her dishes. In addition, if a family has small children, the current location of the device is considered inappropriate from a safety point of view. The advice. If you remove one of the boxes, then in place you can install the microwave, and the manipulation of the costs will be minimal in the cabinet. In addition, you can buy or order kitchen furniture with regard to space for microwave oven. That too, would not involve additional costs.

This is an ideal way of perfection that likes things to be very handsome and beautiful. Benefits. You can individually choose the optimal height for you. Cons. If the microwave is far away from the workspace, accidentally, raise or lower the hot plate plate, you may be burned. The advice. It is difficult to pick up the necessary change of the already finished furniture and cabinets must be ordered on the basis of individual priorities, taking into account the appearance and height. This will incur additional costs.

A special place in the closet

corner cupboard

Hanging cupboard above the stove

This may not be the best method, but quite effective in terms of space saving. Benefits. Microwave oven and kitchen installed above the work surface, in addition to its direct function, also save space in the working area of ​​the kitchen with limited space. Disadvantages. If the microwave setting is too high, then there will be problems with its operation. In addition, the microwave can destroy the aesthetic look of the elegant drawing and have problems with the ventilation. The advice. It would be nice if the microwave and eating matches in style and design, it is therefore necessary to order them from the same manufacturer. Installing the hob, extractor fan and microwave will take a few hours, taking into account the fact that it is first necessary to disassemble the old stove, hood and microwave. In addition, the need change furniture, but it is expensive.

In the beverage area

Instead of the concentration of other electric kitchen appliances

This is a great way for those who do not want to focus on particular attention to microwave oven, and refer to it as being any other device in the kitchen. Benefits. Small large devices can be stored in a certain location, such as a work area, to and used as required. Disadvantages. To have several units mess the space. Council. For these purposes are more suitable for cabinet width of more than 76 cm, so that on the surface was still position. If you are equipped with storage devices after repairs and plan to install the door, the better contrast with other surfaces in the kitchen, such as using a metal door, if you do not find suitable for color style.

The kitchen island

Put the microwave in a safe place without hiding it, for example, in the autonomous work area. This is convenient and efficient. Benefits. Save space in the main job area. In addition, the microwave is away from the main cooking zone and therefore does not interfere with anyone. Disadvantages. If the microwave is on the bottom, we have to bend over, which is very inconvenient. Council. If an autonomous business area already planned cabinets with drawers and shelves, then finding a place for microwave is not difficult and does not require financial costs.

In this kitchen the center of gravity is placed on a stainless steel surface, so kitchen equipment is not hidden from curious eyes. This modern, and requires no extra joints. Advantages. All equipment in the kitchen is in one place and built. In addition, this method allows to establish a large professional microwave oven. Disadvantages. Sometimes the microwave system is too high or too low, which is very inconvenient during operation. Council. This method may require additional costs.

Above the oven