Pro Touch Shinguards


The shin guards perform their purpose very well and look pretty "cool". Small disadvantage: without trying them before, they do not fit on every shin

good schooner in itself, our son likes it very much. Unfortunately, they stand out neatly on the outer side, you can bend something but still can not prevent that. We had to select the 500 Hs ordered, as it was much worse. The protection here is very good, therefore 4 stars

I can only rate our predecessors same model Have now lasted almost 3 years and are still usable, although the stuff goes off the front What the function but nothing abtut.

The nicer are best suited for children with very narrow lower legs. Actually, so far the only ones who sit well.

The material on the shin is slightly woven so that air can circulate.

Although it says that you should not wash them in the washing machine, but what I did with our old yet and they have as I said a good 3 years on the hump.
(I do not guarantee here for a shelf life!)

From me a buy recommendation