provence style in interior a country house

Provence Style in Interior: What Supposes and How
Interior design in Prоvence style has the spirit of simpliсity and comfort. Mediterranean Sea, France, Provence u2026 The French word u201cProvenceu201d has roots in u201c

The interior of the house in the style of Provence in a small country house near the border with Finland, the hosts got up and pulled themselves up.

Furniture in the house is mainly antique, restored hands master, do not buy almost anything. The exception was only glass table and a large sofa.

As the family owns a small furniture workshop, all the necessary furniture there, and some of the information available on furniture bazaars and flea markets. Beautiful wrought iron coffins were generally found in the trash, and were restored in our own workshop.

The main components, which formed the interior of the Provence style, were invented by the owner and his wife. For example, cast iron "leg", which was the basis of the booth sewing machine, bought in point metal scrap.

Many owners of small things came from domestic trips, where they always attend local "flea markets". For example, a trip from northern France, they brought an old silver and lace to the cape.

Beautiful chandelier, fits perfectly into the design homes, went to the family by accident: an older woman would throw it in the trash, but agreed to transfer the chandelier into "good hands", now decorating the interior of the house in the style of Provence.

Bedroom with cot.