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Gomos System – a house that can be built for 3 days.
Only accelerated life every year. Architects also try to keep up the pace and offer a more comfortable and fast when it comes to building time a house. So Portuguese architect is proud of his new project – a modular home that can be mounted in just three days.

Modular home projects are Portuguese architect Samuel Goncalves.
A few months ago, Portuguese architect Samuel Goncalves presented his new project prefabricated modular home called Gomos System, built in the Portuguese city of Arouca. Characteristic of that design calls speed home installation – just three days.

Gomos System – Prefabricated Modular Home.

Gomos System – a home that makes the factory.
The process of creating Gomos The system is divided into four-phase: module production factory, its interior and exterior decoration, transportation and quick installation. Each module is delivered to destination with the usual set of additional components: flooring, insulation, windows, doors, pipes, plumbing and facade facade cladding materials.

Gomos System. Interior.

Gomos System – a house that can be built for 3 days.
The project was carried out with the support of 18 local businesses. The expected cost of a modular home will be about 55 thousand dollars. The price will depend on the additional specifications.

Gomos System. Assembly Diagram.
Prefabricated houses consist of a number of special concrete modules (GOMOS), which are connected to each other to form a living space. The standard size of the proposed house is 2.35 meters wide and 5.9 meters long. If desired modules are added, thereby increasing the size of the house. In addition, the structure can be adapted to different types of terrain. Building houses is carried out under strictly controlled conditions and taking into account all the requirements laid down in the Act.

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