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In the blog category Readers, I answer free of charge interior decoration questions (my time is financed by advertising links, so-called adlinks). Right now, I'm a little behind reading a message because of parental leave so I gather a couple of recurring questions in a post instead of answering all of you. Hope it can help more! Have you stuck with the interior of a room or is there any other interior-related thing you think about? Send me a brief description at:


Question: Where does the sink come from your kitchen and what kind of wood is it on your Y-chairs?

Answer: The bench is from Skagerak (located on Rum21) and is named George with a custom made leather extinguisher (only the light gray included). The dining chairs are soaked oak (found on Svenssons).


Question: What color is the wood on the bar stools in the studio at Spinneriet?

Answer: It's Jolly from Ellos in the color "Nature". The wood looks brighter on the images webshop than they are in reality (this is not them in dark wood / dark bets).

Question: What is the roof lamp that is hanging over the table with your sister-in-law and where does her chairs come from?

Answer: The ceiling lamp is Random Light in white and the chairs are Borge Mogesens Folkestolen in soap-treated oak, both on Rum21.