remodel kitchen 5 impressive examples to and after

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Kitchen before and after repair.

How can you improve the kitchen space and correct it? To understand this, we decided to look at real examples. The design of these interiors devised the owners themselves, without the help of decorators. Some changes were very low cost, and require special attention. We have considered one of them!

The walls are made in bright colors

The room was dark and uncomfortable
Until repairs in the kitchen there was a lot of space, but good hosts did not get from him. In addition, walls as a compacted space. Because the area was not limited to interior design, a traditional style was chosen. In the middle of the room we put a large island, walls and furniture in bright colors, and some walls have organized a place of rest. Then the kitchen has become much more comfortable!

Overall furniture messy space
Originally a small kitchen framing error, and dark bulky furniture makes it even smaller. Therefore, all the brown spots replaced the white furniture chosen a more compact and functional. To visually expand the space and space to let in as much air as you can open shelves mounted on the wall.

Renovated kitchen has become visually more spacious

Thanks to this color slate kitchen is transformed

Affordable food transformation

Before repair the kitchen looked good
Nothing turns the kitchen into successful colors and stylish storage. Before reworking this kitchen looked quite decent, but her owner wanted more dynamics, clean tones and visual space. Therefore the kitchen is done in a white shade and complement its splashes of blue color scheme. Instead of wall cabinet, which visually increases the importance of space, the walls have established long open shelves. But what is most interesting, did not make all furniture change, leaving lower cabinets, just remodeled them. As you can see, the interior of the budget can be quite good looking.

Elegant kitchen transformation
By the way, before the change, to learn more about how to save on a kitchen renovation. For example, we have found 5 15 practical ideas and illustrative examples.