repairs practice how repaint furniture yourself

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Sometimes such situations arise when re-painting the furniture is the best way out of this situation. For example, you moved the closet in the other room, and now it does not coincide in the shade with parquet.

Tired of bleached colors, or if you want something new? Old furniture is made of wood, but I have lost appealing appearance? In all these cases, it helps a brush and color. Painting furniture with your own hands – the process is not too difficult if you follow the technology.

First we have to wash all the surface and fat plaques. For this purpose, detergents and a sponge. After washed furniture, it should be dried properly using wipes.

Before painting furniture, it should be a bit dizzy, but it is not always advisable. Worked design cabinets and shelves with drawers, panel facades must be disassembled to perform quality work. Also, do not forget to release the handles and furniture from all the excess equipment.

Furniture simple shapes can be painted without disassembly. There is no need to separate cabinets and if you will limit ourselves to painting facades.

Laminating evenly, and color picking, it is necessary to strengthen the work of adhesion, ie adhesion of the paint coating to the base, which makes it so coarse. For this purpose all surfaces of the treated shkurkoy "nulevkoy".

Do not forget to wear a mask: the work is very dusty, and the resulting dust is harmful to health.

You will need a primer suitable for allay surfaces, including glass and tiles. Such a primer based on polyurethane is quite expensive, but these expenses are justified: how well the soil will fall, it depends on how well will keep color.

After applying the first layer, wipe for at least 12 hours.

Before painting furniture, it is necessary to seal cracks and cracks, although they seem less. Do it with fillers, for example latex-based or epoxy.

Best kitten postprimed the surface – by the small defects, the soil will disappear, and will be clear, the places where you need more work. After the bumps and cracks are filled, let the product dry if necessary go "nulevkoy" again and prime the surface. After supplying the second primer is required to dry for at least 12 hours.

If the surface film is laminated, then you can choose between alkyd enamel and colors based on polyurethane. At the bank looking for a note: "Furniture", it meets all the requirements for color products used indoors.

Due to repainting the furniture does not disappoint, it is necessary to choose "right" material, including – the most suitable color.

If you want a flat surface-Use a roller velor. Foam as a "rock" for the roller works with furniture is not suitable. Working in corners and other places where the roller does not turn, needs a small brush with a beveled cut stub.

Professionally painted furniture? Use spray gun, flow rate should be from 20 to 200 grams per square meter of ink. Calculation of nozzle diameter and the required pressure can be made from special tables given color viscosity used.

Finishing furniture painted cover it with paint. It is better, if it is water-based paint, it does not give off the air of smelly and harmful substances. Especially important are furniture that is often moved by hand as they pass.

So, the door system in feed storage or kitchen furniture can quickly lose attractive appearance, if you do not protect them paint layer, or even better – two. Between the application of the first and second protective layers of paint must be at least 24 hours.