residential house with an area 7 7 square meters cost only 500

A two-storey, 2-bedroom home fitting in a 75-square
A two storey, 2 bedroom home fitting in a 75 square meter (7.5 meters x 10 meters) lot with a net floor area of 69 square meters and a gross floor area of

Living space of only 7.7 square meters. meter.
Due to the increasing population and lack of space for housing, all popular living in small housing. But sometimes, designers so addicted to furniture and furnishings miniature housing as the last cost is higher than ordinary homes. In protest against the high costs of small US homes, they built a house of an area of ​​7.7 sqm. m everything for $ 500.

American was built a house worth only $ 500.
Brooke Scott (Scott Brook) built for himself miniature living space of only 7.7 square feet. The guy does not use expensive home decor, granite whether luxury wood and recycled material used.

Miniature house. Interior.

Miniature house. Interior.
To live in a limited area, Scott had the most correct use of storage space. So he built a high bed, under which there is a sofa. If necessary, the bed can be folded. All kitchen utensils are stored in a drawer under the stove. Heating is carried out by a wood burning stove. Showers and toilets build the man on the street to save space in the house.

Miniature house. Interior.

Miniature house. Kitchenette.
Such a life is not for everyone's satisfaction, but such a structure may well pass for a compact vacation home for a small area. Another keen enthusiast made a suburban house of the decayed W / D cars.