round walls in the interior

We were so pleased by buying a long-awaited apartment, yes, with the original plan, we do not think too much at first, how to deal with all this beauty. She, in turn, may well puzzle some of the features of the architecture, which gave nasty owners a deadlock.

Next we will talk about how to arrange around the walls in the interior, what materials to use for this and what to discard.

First of all, think positively, do not perceive the rounded shape of the walls – a problem, as that is what can become very distinct and attractive elements in your home.

Council: Without a doubt, "roundness" or "bump" the wall itself has a pretty decorative. Therefore, do not make your best possible elegant decorate it. It is enough to choose one of the featured design options below.

The peculiarity of architectural decisions

When the walls are sufficiently rounded, you can not make them clear, but only to emphasize the visible function. At the same time, emphasis should be placed on neutral textures of materials that will not distract from the most important: the unusual silhouette.

You come: color, decorative puts (eg Venetian plaster), plaster with the application of liberation, balm wood panel, flexible wooden slabs.

The door to the rounded wall with a neutral surface is better to ask by using textured materials for doors, moldings and door lining. For example, it's unusual, but very well look sliding doors of solid wood with remodeling treatment.

The rounded walls are oblitsevat

The interior of modern apartments can sometimes fill the curved walls of the walls, which do not carry any function, which is absolutely decorative or built with a specific purpose with zoned premises.

In both cases, it explores how something that highlights architectural elements, otherwise risking visually interconnecting with the rest of the walls, is simply losing its existence in the interior.

Do not be afraid to use bold unusual materials, focusing on the circular part of the wall or septum is planned.

This element can be designed as a portalmellan adjoining space (hall, living room); as the entrance to the front door; like the screen that contains a decorative or full window opening; how wide the support (semi column).

Material for lining small round-wall is desirable to choose a catchy, with visible structure, very decorative: mirror fabric of different lengths and widths, heterogeneous laying artificial stone, metal tile, mosaic.

By the way, unusual interior fabrics (smooth, shimmering with silk thread or velvety) can also be used for decoration rounded partitions.

How to decorate the walls around

The interior can be used in the design of the surface of the curved wall, if you give up the use of effect coatings.

If you want to decorate with a smooth surface without any reliefs and decorative effects, the choice should be made for any decor, or – a surface material.

Add unusual gizmos in the style of handmade can be correct in the recesses formed in the curved wall or solid partition wall (presence of built-in light welcomed).

You can make openings beams in curved partition between living room and kitchen, which is suitable for arranging beautiful dishes, vases and figurines.

Making pictures – a classic in the genre, should take into account only the size of the frames, as rhythmically repetitive rows of small pictures look much more original way to round the surface, rather than indiscriminate placement of large pieces.

No less spectacular, but also for cognitive purposes can be used hanging shelves, repeat the unusual form of the wall.

On the way to the realization of an extraordinary effort, act boldly, as you never know for sure that as a positive result, the result is.