rustic chic prime example how make cottage cozy

Shabby-Chic Living Room Ideas to Steal

9 Shabby-Chic Living Room Ideas to Steal Shabby Chic Living Room

How to make a cozy cabin?

Resting in the country can be fun, not just the warming of the season. There are some secrets that will help make the country house is so cozy and comfortable that it will want to spend all the fall and winter weekends. To open them, we looked at an English house, whose interior is pleasant feelings.

In the kitchen

Wood makes the interior cozy

In this house, wooden floors, walls and furniture
Cottage in a rustic style – a perfect retreat dammed by the noise of the city. Relaxed atmosphere adapts to rest and gives the feeling of a quiet life. How to achieve this effect? First assistant in the creation of comfort becomes a tree. In this house of him made furniture and furnishings. Even if you can not do a complete wood furnishing, we can arrange the home furnishings and furnishings made of this material.

The walls are adorned with attributes life in the countryside
To create the rustic atmosphere enough Add some inner parts. For example, the walls of the garden are decorated with vintage rocks and lilies, horns of cattle. In the rooms there are braided details, goatskins. There was a place here and fireplace with wood. Everything is simple and concise, catchy and nothing exciting.

The interior of the little house

Above the bedspread hangs horn cattle

Interior rustic bedroom

The bedroom has an additional access to the yard

Interior small bedroom

braided items

open shelves

Open shelves and narrow oblong furniture dragging the visual space

Interesting bathroom design
Another important tool that controlled the design of a small house – light. Windows is also installed on the roof so that he could freely enter. On a wall-mounted slide screen door, which in summer can be used as an additional exit to the farm. Through it also comes a lot of light, yet blurring out the boundaries of the house and also visually increasing.

The wall screen blur the boundaries between the exterior and the interior
There are houses that touch its interior and planetary architecture. Some surprising and inner filling. We recently wrote about such a residence, with its dimensions being almost the same with us today considered home. Only it's worth still managed to hide their car.